12th July 2017



InterMediaKT is a non-profit organization founded in 2012, in Patras Greece. Based on a central objective of Knowledge Transfer and pursuing continuous exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise, acts as an intermediary in the fields of education, training and innovation by using innovative technologies and the Internet. Since its establishment has launched, taken part and/or completed many European and national projects for education, vocational training and youth.



Kosovo Women’s Chamber of Commerce G7

G7 sees women as a major driving force of the economy of Kosovo. It strives to promote women’s participation in all decision and policy-making from the local to the national level, and women’s equal involvement in the economy, politics, and all other areas of local development.

In line with international standards and best practices, G7 works to facilitate, promote, and lobby for the representation of women in Kosovo’s economy, politics and decision making processes.

We believe in equal opportunity and economic equity for all women; chamber members maintain the highest level of ethical business practices; commonly and freely sharing knowledge and information through a transparent, democratic process, and not on the opinion of any individual or group; providing resources to advance the business, careers and professional lives of women entrepreneur in Kosovo and the members; making significant contributions to enhance the lives of women in Kosovo through the community support.

Amsha Institute

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Yes Cameroon

Founded in December 2006 – The Youth Employment Service (YES Cameroon) is a front line service delivery non-profit and development organization focus in the domain of business and entrepreneurship, human resource and career development, training and consultancy. The overarching aspiration of YES Cameroon is to contribute to the endeavours of supporting government, organisations, private sector and the communities through its numerous development and innovative programs. We work to bring sustainable solutions to some societal growing challenges in this innovative and global village.


CCDO is building a Tanzanian Work Based Learning (TWBL) Consortium, with the support from University, University of East London (who are a member of the AELP (www.aelp.org.uk) EU Work based learning consortium and Anton Mostert from Griffin Research Consultancy (GRC).   The TWBL Consortium (aims to build and develop a WBL Sector Skills Alliance aimed at tackling skills gaps in the occupations of several sectors – Agriculture (Food Security), Applied Science (Sustainable and renewable Energy, Environment and Climate Change), Health, SME Innovation, Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. The Consortium’s goal is enhancement of the responsiveness of their respective education systems to meet labour market needs for these sectors and support economic development.

Hope Relief and Orphans Children Village

The  year ago people across the country recognize the importance of endowing with personal over haul to the community especially child development in manual aid with other   civic-minded ,good moral character and reputation person through voluntary organization after glimpse the whole bunch of problem that child one facing today.

       The development of child has been one of the fundamental features of Tanzanian ancient philosophy. the most important aspect of solving these problems facing child these is the need for a good child development policy.

      Hence this led to the formation of the “the hope relief and orphan children village organization” as for line of work within the field of child development that is non- profit ,non- trade , non- religious, non- political and non-government organization and believes that development of child is an indispensable human right.  HROV is a registered community based organization of (CBO) under the community based organization act with registration MDC/CBO/629 accessible by the Magu District Council on the 13th day of may 2014.